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My Shooting - Measure Hits And Group Size On Targets

My Shooting

My Shooting is a powerful, accurate and simple shooter application for Android devices. In a few clicks, measure the result of a group of your hits on the target. The main purpose of the application is to measure a group of hits, correct the shooting, save and share the results. With the app, you can easily track the progress of results and calibrate optical and other sights.


Screenshot of the open navigation menu, slide from left to right or click the Menu icon in the upper left corner.


Screenshot of target processing. The POI relative to the POA is now displayed as MRAD or MOA deviation in width and height.

Example of processed target

An example of a measured target that the application stores in the private internal memory and in the Image Gallery if you need it. You can share it with friends or social networks via your device.

How the application works?

- Take a picture of the hit target
- Enter the dimension of the target or part of the target
- Mark your hits and the center of the target (POA)

The application will do the rest, which is:

- Measuring the two farthest hits
- Measurement of the group of hits (width and height)
- Measuring the radius of the group of hits
- Find the deviation of the POI(Point of Impact) from the POA(Point of Aiming) in height.
- Find the deviation of the POI(Point of Impact) from the POA(Point of Aiming) in width.

If you enter the distance and caliber with which you fired, the angular measurement will also be included, which is very important for shooters with optical sights. Now, with the above parameters you can easily calibrate your optical sight.

The application has imperial (inches and yards) and metric (millimeters and meters), as well as angular measurements in Milliradians (MRAD) and minutes of angle (MOA). Note: The application takes up a minimum of resources on the device.

- Detailed description -

Before use, it is best to make the application settings first (up-right icon) .

1. PICTURE: Take a picture of a target with shots . You can do this from the main(home) screen , or from the Group Measurement page .
You can capture your targets from the app's main(home) menu and process them later. They will be in the Camera Pictures option .
You can also take(grab) pictures from your public image gallery that you took earlier with your default device camera app.
If your target does not have a specified dimension, you should know some dimension from the target, that you will later use as a reference in the program. For example, the width or height of the target, or the diameter of a circle from the target. On some targets it has already been printed.
Note: Try to photograph the target at a right angle.

2. GROUP MEASUREMENT: In the group measurement menu, you first need to measure and enter the reference value-dimension (discussed above) using the blue ruler button .
Then mark your hits on the target with the yellow button and the center of the target with the X button .
To cancel the last marked hit - blue back button .
To cancel the target center, click the X button again. Marking the center of the target is not necessary, although its position is the basis for calculating the POI.
- (A) If you have finished marking the group, now center and attach / detach the "Blue Paper" with the data of that group to your image. Too, use the magnifying glass button to increase and to decrease its size.
You can also hang "Yellow Paper", which contains information about shooting, shooter, conditions, etc. If you have not previously entered the shooting parameters (range, caliber, weapons, ammunition, etc.), you can do so now in the settings. The program will recalculate upon returning to this page.
- (B) If you have more than one group of hits on your target, which you shot under the same conditions, center and hang only "Blue Paper" and start marking the next group of hits, by clicking on the button with the target and the + sign . Since you have already entered the reference, continue marking the hits and the center of the second group. After the end, hang the "Blue Paper" for that group again. Repeat this procedure for each subsequent group of hits. When you have finished all the groups, hang the "Yellow Paper".

3. SAVE THE DOCUMENT: Click the save button , enter the document name, and, if desired, select the option to save a copy in your public image gallery. You can enter text for the document name that will associate you with the shooting.


Processing multiple groups of hits.


Setting shooting parameters and conditions.


Setting units of measure and more.


- "Camera pictures" will store all the images you have taken from the application.
- Your documents are stored in the device's internal memory, accessible only from the application.
- You can share / send them to other applications or people via other applications.
- You can also send pictures from your public gallery to this app for measurement (Edit mode).
- You can provide access to the application with a password.
- Explore the rest in the app :-)

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